About Us

Founded in 1997, Harrington Software Associates, Inc. (HSA) is a small, woman-owned business that specializes in developing custom business software solutions and multimedia training. Our mission is to provide superior safety products and services to support the education and training of at-risk populations. HSA’s primary focus is on the long-term care industry. We are located in Warrenton, Virginia, 50 miles outside of Washington DC.


Contact: Susan Harrington , susan@hsainc.net

HSA's Training Modules are Approved in Maryland and Michigan!

Warrenton, VA - The states of Maryland and Michigan have approved HSA products for use by assisted living providers. In Maryland, the Office of Health Care Quality has approved our 20 hour CE course for assisted living managers. In addition, the courses: Preventing Fire Hazards, Foodborne Illness, Infectious Diseases, and Dementia/Mental Illness are approved for yearly manager/staff training. We are the only on-line vendor approved in Maryland! In Michigan, we have 16 hours approved for adult foster care administrator and licensees. For additional information on these courses, visit the Long-Term Care Learning Center at www.LTCTrainer.com